Tonic tips: Interview prep

Tonic tips: Interview prep | 05/09/2017

An interview will typically take anything from 30 minutes to an hour, even two, but this time may be some of the most important in your working life. A first-rate interview can land you a dream job and determine your career. Of course, every job interview is different and these points are generic, but we ensure you that taking the time to prepare prior to an interview will increase your chances of success tenfold.

Failing to prepare means preparing to fail when it comes to interviews. The more information you’re armed with the better your chances are of success. Here are some key tips for interview prep.

Research the company you’re interviewing for, this will give you a good idea if the company is right for you and will also provide food for thought when thinking about questions to ask them. Websites now provide a wealth of information about companies and your consultant will also be able to provide sufficient information. Think outside the box too – pick up a brochure, visit the organisation if possible and read industry magazines.

Make sure you know where you’re going and plan a reliable route that will enable you to arrive early, we’d recommend no more than 15 minutes early, but beware that getting through reception/signing in can take some time in large organisations. A trial run is often a good idea if possible.

Find out whom it is you’re going to be interviewing with and do a bit of research into them, you may find shared interests, education or job roles that will ease opening conversation.

We can’t emphasise the importance of asking questions enough. A lack of questions can be mistaken for a lack of interest. From your research you should have identified a number of your own questions but also, ask your consultant as they will be able to offer tailored questions specific to the role you’re interviewing for.

As well as asking questions, prepare some answers to questions you know they will ask. Think about your skills, qualifications, experience and be ready to give examples of each.

Finally, first impressions are key. Make sure you turn up to your interview early, well groomed and dressed appropriately for the organisation, again, your research should give you a good idea of dress code but if in doubt ask your consultant. Most importantly remember to stay positive and smile!