As a company, Tonic is proud to support a range of local and nationwide charities which promote and further the hospitality and catering industries and benefit regional initiatives.

Who do we support?

Tonic Talent first approached us last year to find out about the charity and to be given a tour of the drop in. From then on in they’ve been a massive support link to the charity from organising a deep clean of our kitchen, to arranging for top chef’s to cook for our 160+ clients on St Patrick’s Day! For the amount of people accessing our service on a daily basis, it has been known that our toasters have packed up and catering support is required. Conrad has been so swift in his responses to our requests, we’re so grateful that Tonic Talent have chosen to partner with SIFA Fireside

Melissa Roche – Fundraising and Corporate Partnerships Manager for SIFA Fireside

I approached Conrad via LinkedIn in January to see whether he would advertise our GEMS scheme to his CHEF networking group. The success of the GEMS programme relies on industry mentors supporting students however, in the West Midlands, we had the students but unfortunately not the mentors.

Not only did Conrad agree to promote the scheme, he gave Springboard a 15 minute slot to talk about mentoring to his CHEF network group. He then signed up to become a mentor and promoted the scheme to his network. On the matching day for GEMS in Coventry, Springboard managed to get 15 matches with over half of these mentors came through Conrad opening up his network. In addition, he has also worked with the local springboard team in Birmingham to speak at a schools career event.

The biggest thing that stands out is Conrad’s passion for the promotion of the industry and commitment to showing the best of the hospitality sector to students. Conrad went above and beyond our expectations and help drive mentor recruitment in the West Midlands”


Conrad and his team go above and beyond when it comes to “putting something back” into the city of Birmingham. Whilst juggling the demands of a start-up business, and one that is in a super-fast-paced industry, they continue to support our charity, LoveBrum. Conrad, in particular, has been around the project since it started back in 2015 and ever since has offered support in the shape of volunteering, introductions and fundraising.

Without people like Conrad, and businesses like Tonic, LoveBrum would find it very difficult to do the amazing things that it does. I would say that this approach to charity and the community is a testament to the people around this business; they are hardworking, ambitious, professional, expert, but selfless. That will stand them in good stead for the future and I wish them all the very best.


Without doubt, throughout his career, Conrad has changed the lives of many young learners and has put them onto a career that they may not have loved so passionately had it not been for his pastoral guidance.

Conrad continues to support The College of Food in his current role, still providing start up opportunities and pathways to careers for our Graduates, and his professional industry consultation has been invaluable to our ongoing curriculum development, and for this I’m really grateful.