I applied to a vacancy that Tonic were advertising at 14:30pm on a Sunday and received a call within 15 minutes! The consultant and I had a brief chat and they arranged to interview me via video the next day.

Conrad then interviewed me and it was clear from the start of the conversation that he was focused on what I wanted, although I had applied for a specific role, he took his time to discuss my career and what I was really looking for from my next move. We discussed the industry and current trends, it was obvious that Conrad was knowledgable and passionate. He put me forward to a couple of highly suitable job vacancies, one of which I accepted.

Since starting my new role Conrad has checked in with me to make sure that everything went well with my induction and that I am getting looked after by my new employer.

Tonic are now supporting me with sourcing talent for my kitchen. I cannot recommend Tonic highly enough.

Liam Grime OBE – Awarded the Craft Guild of chefs award for best UK competition Chef 2018, Great British Bake Off ‘Crème de la Crème’ (Winner 2016)

I first met Conrad whilst I was studying at University College Birmingham (UCB), at that time he had his Great British Eatery fish and chip shop. On this first meet, he was explaining about fish and how he cooked it, why he choose it and offered me tasters to understand. A year later, he became one of my lecturers at University College Birmingham and still offered that same persistence and knowledgeable assistance from beforehand.

I left UCB and moved to Cornwall, but still after a few years Conrad still checks up to see how I am doing and where my next move in the Hospitality industry will be.

I moved back to Birmingham in November 2014 and Conrad was the first one to see if I needed some help in finding the correct path to take in Birmingham. As he is at Off to Work he has the connections and information to help me, which he did to eventually take me to my new job.

Conrad has truly gone the extra mile; anyone who knows him wouldn’t say a bad word at all. I cannot rate or talk more highly of Conrad, he has truly helped me develop, understand and support me through the last 5 years and I’m sure he will help me for the next 5 years too. I would 100% recommend Conrad to anyone who needs to find that next step at Off to Work or needs any general advice.

Kingsley Crocker

Tonic really takes the time to get to know what you are looking for in your next career move and doesn’t waste your time offering you interviews for positions you’re simply not suited to or looking for. Put simply, Tonic are one of the best recruiters I know, and would definitely approach them again in the future.