We’ve spoken about writing the perfect CV and the importance of preparing for an interview so now we’ll talk through the actual interview process.

Meeting The Interviewer

When meeting your interviewer always greet them with enthusiasm. A firm handshake, good amount of eye contact and self-introduction always makes a good impression. Also, never carry anything in your right hand, as this is the hand you will shake with.

Break the ice. In most interviews small talk will fill the gap before getting down to business. Respond enthusiastically and pleasantly to the interviewer’s questions and remarks. Ask them about their day/weekend and have something acceptable to respond with if they ask they how yours was.

What Not To Do

Never smoke or eat foods with a strong odour prior to an interview as these will leave a smell on your clothes and breath. If you’re offered, always accept a glass of water, there is nothing worse than getting a dry throat mid-interview.

During the interview let the interviewer lead conversation but try to get clarification on the role and responsibilities early on. This way you can apply your previous experience and skills to the position.

Try to avoid using a negative tone of voice while interviewing. Always be positive, even if they ask something that you’ve never experienced before try to reply within something along the lines of “that sounds interesting, I’m sure it’s something I’d be able to deal with.” Also remain positive even if the interview appears to be going bad, a genuinely interested interviewer may be testing your reaction to stressful situations.

Salary is often a sticking point during an interview. If you’re asked about salary consider a neutral response or state your current/previous salary to gauge value. It’s important to state that you’re more interested in the position than the salary, those details can be arranged with your consultant – they will even negotiate for you.

Finally, never discuss problems or criticise previous employers, and on the whole, just remember to stay positive and sell yourself and your skills to the best of your ability.

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