Welcome to Midlands Hospitality Network (MHN), a platform that has been connecting hospitality people in the Midlands since 2018. Previously named C.H.E.F, MHN is a community of professionals who are passionate about hospitality and dedicated to fostering connections among individuals and businesses within the industry.

Established by Tonic in 2018, MHN has been a key player in the Midlands hospitality scene. Our core mission is to provide a platform for people in the hospitality industry to connect, learn, collaborate, and grow. We believe that a strong network is the backbone of a thriving hospitality industry and we’re proud to be a part of that.

MHN is more than just a networking group. It’s a support system for everyone in the hospitality industry in the Midlands – from restaurant owners to hotel managers, from chefs to front-of-house staff providing solutions to issues faced in the sector and discussing best practice.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out in the hospitality industry, MHN welcomes you. Join us and become part of an energetic and dynamic community that’s always looking to grow and innovate. Together, we can continue to strengthen the hospitality industry in the Midlands.

In a rapidly evolving industry, it’s more important than ever to stay connected and informed. Our network is designed to help hospitality professionals do just that. We’re proud to have had hospitality heavyweights such as Paul Spencer, Kieron Bailey, Michelle Moreno, Sean Wheeler, Emma Keeble and Lucy Craig share their time and their expert knowledge on culture, tech, leadership, mental health, diversity and inclusivity. Ambassadors from Hospitality Action, Springboard, The Drinks Trust and The Burnt Chef Project are also regularly at our sessions helping you create long-lasting professional connections and arming you with a toolbelt of knowledge.

Want to be in the know about future events? Email caitlin.allwood@tonictalent.com and get yourself on our mailing list and be part of our growing community.

MHN is proud to support Springboard, Hospitality Action, Birmingham Children’s Hospital

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