Finding the right candidate to work for your company can be a time-consuming process. We believe in the importance of utilising our skills in ensuring you the best candidate for the role. Tonic Talent has 17 years of hospitality experience both sides of the fence – as an employer and as a candidate. Here are a few ways in how Tonic Talent makes the process as easy and efficient as possible;

Your requirements

We ensure that we get to know you and your company, understanding each and every requirement. This will help us confidently proceed into the recruitment process, enabling us to provide you with the best candidate.

Targeted advertising

Here at Tonic Talent, we ensure that each stage of the recruitment process is taken care of. This includes the initial advert which will outline your company, the ideal candidate you’re looking for and your company preferences. The advert will encourage the right candidate to apply for the job.
GDPR compliant
Handling large quantities of applications and personal information can be difficult especially in light of the new GDPR laws. However, we ensure that the data of each candidate is carefully handled, complying with the law.


Tonic Talent takes care of acknowledging and replying to each individual candidate. Not only is this an important part of the candidates recruitment journey but will enhance your company’s credibility.

Choosing the best candidate for the role

We take time to interview all candidates face-to-face or over skype. As part of the process, we always check two references before forwarding them on to you. We realise how important it is to employ the best candidate for the role and thus, provide you with an exceptional shortlist of candidates.

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