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Birmingham had just received the crushing news that they were in Tier 3, and we knew only too well what this meant for some of our most loved independent hospitality businesses.

We’re now a day away from the review date, and speculation is building about whether or not there will be any change, sadly we don’t believe there will. The resounding feeling is that we’re preparing ourselves for another blow, and any hope of reopening in Tier 2 in 2020 is slipping away by the minute.

Naturally, the impact on the hospitality industry has had a knock-on effect, with suppliers also feeling the hit. Who at the moment is willing to pay a Recruitment Company a fee for a member of staff? Conrad gives a great example of a business who had had 1100 applicants for one role, and he had 1 passive candidate who he knew was perfect for the job. Listen to hear what happened next and why now more than ever, you should be working with a quality recruitment company.

Sadly, right now the market has been flipped on its head and instead of having a vacancy rich market, we now have a candidate lead scenario. So, what can you do if you are one of those currently looking for work at the moment? With the crème de la crème of hospitality on the market right now, how do you make your CV stand out in the crowd? Conrad, who is not only an experienced recruiter but also a successful hospitality operator, gives you his best advice.

Anyone trying to make any sort of plan, is thinking that March will be the absolute latest that things will start to return to normal (just take a moment to let that sink in, March 2021, who’d have thought this would have dragged on a whole year?). For us, we can’t wait to see our favourite hospitality businesses back up and not just surviving but THRIVING. And you know what, we believe that’s what will happen. Who’s not itching to visit their favourite pub or restaurant right? Well, we sure as heck can’t wait!

Watch the full interview with Kitchen Cut here:

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